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Gallery / Public Appearances

In 2011 Olivia attended 3 events, two of which numerous pictures have been added to the gallery already for Pre and Post Emmy Awards Parties. Thanks to the Mostly Mary website I have came across more pictures from these events as well as the 2011 Angeli Fundraising Party for Mychals.


In 2011, Olivia (credited as Olivia Mell) co-starred in the short film: Subtext as Rachel a girl who loves to play hard to get. Notably her “love interest” is played by Harley Harrison who also co-wrote and starred in Perfectly Complicated with her.

Subtext – watch more funny videos

Gallery / Public Appearances

2/3/2018 Olivia and mother Mary McDonnell attended Witness: The John Edgar Wideman Experience in Los Angeles. The event was a celebration of Wideman’s story through theatrical production including hip-hop music. He is one of the United State’s most prolific authors of fiction on the perils of the African American community.

Interviews / Public Appearances / Site Updates

On November 10th, 2015 Olivia attended the Broken Glass Awards with her mother, Mary McDonnell. They were interviewed on the red carpet about the Awards by Pattie Daly Caruso of Pattie’s Valley Views.

Public Appearances / Site Updates

Olivia was featured with a group of women including her mother in video posted by United Way of Greater LA at the 2018 Women’s March.

Gallery / Public Appearances / Site Updates

For a way back Wednesday a few pictures from when Olivia attended the 2011 Emmy Pre and Post parties with her mother, Mary McDonnell have been added to the gallery. This past week was also a busy week for Olivia, when she attended the 33rd Annual Artios Awards with her mother on January 18th. Saturday the 20th, was just as exciting when in Los Angeles Olivia attended the 2018 Women’s March, marking the one year anniversary for the public event. In addition to public appearance updates, 2 new pictures taken by Dennys Illic have also been added.

Between Earth and Air / Music Video / News

Strange has proven to be a runaway smash hit for Olivia since its release on January 12th. In its first day up on You Tube it garnered over 50,000 views. However the amazing stats didn’t stop there. Yesterday it hit 100,000 (100 k) views on YouTube after only being up for 3 days! Fans continue to share and like this amazing video so we can help Olivia continue to go far!

Between Earth and Air / Gallery / Music Video / Site Updates

The gallery has been updated with HQ screencaps from the brand new Strange video released on 1/12/2018. The video is an instant hit on You Tube having already hit over 80,000 views in 2 days!

Site Updates

While some sites do not update their themes often, the release of a new video means updates! The theme is now geared towards the release of Strange featuring multiple shots from the video.The Welcome Message GIF was changed in order to reflect the new video as well. The color scheme is notably brighter than A Way Out which was a darker video. I wanted the color scheme to reflect the fierce and inspiring concept of the video, so I utilized a brighter color for the font and other aspects of the layout.

Between Earth and Air / Music Video / Official Updates

The Official Video for the 3rd single from Between Earth And Air entitled Strange came out today on You Tube. The video is different from both Glass House and A Way Out with its concept focusing on social injustice, politics, and activism. Portions of the video were filmed during a protest for the Dream Act on October 28th, 2017. Other clips in the video included stock footage from other protests, news footage, as well as pictures such as of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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