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Concerts / Public Appearances / The Band Mell

Olivia performed during her brother Mike’s encore at Genghis Cohen on 11/10/2017, the video was posted by Olivia today on her social media accounts. The video can be viewed below as well as the provided links.

Concerts / The Band Mell

Tonight is the night, The Band Mell concert at Brix!
It was also announced that the following items will be available for purchase at the event:

Between Earth And Air CDs $12 Cash, or $13 Credit Card

Chocolate $8-9

Posters $10-11

T-Shirts $20-22

Concerts / The Band Mell

Olivia announced a time update for The Band Mell concert on September 30th. The time is now 3 – 6PM PST for those attending. Information can be found via Olivia’s official accounts.

Concerts / The Band Mell

Olivia announced on her Social Media the times for The Band Mell performance at Brix. This concert was announced during Mike Mell’s concert at Genghis Cohen. Olivia & Mike will be performing September 30th 4-7 PM at Brix. More info can be viewed below via Olivia’s official accounts.

Concerts / The Band Mell

September 30th Olivia and Mike Mell will be performing at Brix Sunset Beach. This was announced at the Mike Mell concert last night at Genghis Cohen. More information to be announced.

Information shared with permission of Olivia Jane.


Concerts / Gallery / The Band Mell

In February, The Band Mell along with Stacey Black did a benefit supporting NoDAPL. NoDAPL is a movement involving the Standing Rock tribe protesting the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The benefit was performed at Molly Malones in Los Angeles. Frances Fisher, Mary McDonnell, Tony Denison, and Edward James Olmos were among those who supported/attended the benefit. The set lasted an hour and Olivia performed The Fisherman which was dedicated to the Sioux Nation. She also performed covers of various songs alone and with Mike Mell as well as Stacey.

Concerts / The Band Mell

The Band Mell, which consists of Olivia and her brother Mike performed at Molly Malones in Los Angeles.They performed a 45 minute set and performed various songs including covers as well as original material from both. Olivia’s songs included Amsterdam, as well as her recently released single: Glass House. (Photo Credit: Julia)

Concerts / The Band Mell

Starting tonight, June 5th Olivia has 3 concerts planned for this month her first was at Republic of Pie in North Hollywood. Republic of Pie is a well known pie shop that serves coffee with a twist you get live music to go with it. Her set started at 6 PM and ran for 45 minutes. The set consisted of mostly original songs such as: “The Fisherman”, and “Irene”.

On June 13th she will be playing again in the North Hollywood area at Skinny’s Lounge at 7:30 PM. The set will consist of Olivia performing with a live band unlike her prior acoustic set at Republic of Pie.  Rounding out her June concerts will be a “Band Mell” acoustic concert set in Los Angeles at Molly Malones June 17th at 9 PM. Molly Malones is a small venue that houses a full bar and a stage for live music in the back. The concert will consist of Olivia performing with her brother, Mike Mell.

(Photos via the Official Olivia Jane E-Mail List)


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